AquaKO story

Nature travels full circle in our AquaKO natural spring water, derived from a pure natural spring, deep underground. Our journey started two decades ago when we discovered this gift from nature, which has been flowing beneath South Africa’s rockbeds for thousands of years. We began bottling this high quality offering, dubbing it AquaKo, for all to enjoy today.

Our secret spring source delivers a crisp drinking experience, enhanced with a bouquet of minerality.  Each drop offers a hint of milkiness through its calcium content, a whiff of perfectly balanced alkalinity, and an array of taste-enhancing minerals such as sodium and magnesium.

We are proud of our minerality rating of between 180 and 190, which water sommeliers classify as first rate, well balanced water. Water high in minerals also offers excellent hydration, making our springwater ideal for athletes.

Yet we are cognisant of nature’s gift, and we employ excellent sustainable practices that will ensure we protect the environment from which our springwater flows. Each of our bottles contains a promise that we will go the distance with nature, making our journey a true full circle.