FruitKO story

Twenty years ago we began a journey to discover the best fruit across
South Africa. Our expeditions took us to fruit orchids carefully cultivated by eminent citrus producers Magalies near fertile Brits in the Northwest. We then travelled into the heart of the lush Elgin valley in the Western Cape, and ended our journey in the fruit filled gorges of Mbombela, Mpumalanga. Here we heard farmers’ tales of nature’s bounty and the goodness it provided. We strived to transform this gift from nature into a liquid form of pure joy and South African goodness.

Today you can find that ideal in each bottle of FruitKO, filled with natural goodness and the fresh taste of the best of South African fruit. FruitKO is packed with real fruit to quench a real thirst.

Because we spent our time hunting for the best South African fruit, we promise that we will never spoil our bottled goodness with any additions such as sugar or unnecessary preservatives. Ours is nothing but 100% fruit, complete with all the vitamins and nutrients nature provided in the different soils of South Africa.  And of course the taste remains as fresh as the day our fruit was harvested.

We cultivate our relationship with our farmers across South Africa as carefully as the fruit they cultivate on their farms. Our farmers employ the best sustainable practices to ensure that our journey with nature is indeed a full circle, and that our journey stretches into the future.

This promise is contained in each of our bottles, ready to enjoy
straight from the shelf. Our juice comes in sizes perfect for lunchboxes.