TeaKO story

Our love affair with iced tea started on a typical South African hot summer’s day longing for a refreshing thirst quencher. This inspired us to create a perfect, fuss free iced tea that harnessed the best ingredients, but presented excellent value for money.

So began our journey to create our perfect iced tea, TeaKO. Once again we harnessed the best of South African nature, opting to craft an iced tea out of our proud rooibos heritage.

We set out to craft a delicious, but unique taste experience, available in multiple flavours, but without the added weight of sugar. After carefully weighing the different flavours and unearthing the power of rooibos tea, we created a perfect balance of real tea and bold flavours in our iced teas, totally sugar and caffeine free.

TeaKO uses real rooibos tea extracts and harnesses natural tea flavours. It is jam packed with antioxidants  and boosts the body’s natural defense system.

Our concentrate  now makes it possible for everyone to enjoy a perfectly brewed cup of iced tea in just a couple of seconds. TeaKo offers three favourite flavours: lemon, peach and raspberry.