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Who we are

For more than 20 years, Pomona Juice Traders has proudly served the Retail, Wholesale, Catering and Aviation industries with beverages. We continually strive to deliver quality products whilst expanding our footprint and product ranges.

We closely work with our suppliers and customers and aim to deliver the best experience. Pomona Juice Traders are a verified B-BBEE Level 2 accredited supplier, supporting other Enterprises with development in South Africa.

We are a proudly South proudly company in the Beverages industry.

“The foundation of PJT is built on trust & ethical business practices. We work closely with all customers & suppliers, always striving to supply quality products in a timeous fashion”

We service array of industries: Aviation, Catering, Hospitality, Wholesale & Retail.

We are manufacturers & Bottlers of quality drinks in Natural Spring Water, 100% Fruit Juice, ready-to-drinks and Sugar Free Ice Teas.

Proudly accredited as a 2 Level B-BBEE company. Products are SANHA certified.

We have experience in the industry, starting as a Depot for Magalies for over 20 years.

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About Our Products

Natural Spring Water

Derived from a pure natural spring

Fruit Juice Range

FruitKO 100% Fruit juice:

Ice Tea Range

100% Sugar free Ice Tea concentrate and ready to drink


Magalies Citrus is a leading manufacturer of fruit juice concentrates and a household name.

  • Concentrate Ranges:
  • 100% Fruit juice

The ‘Rolls Royce’ of fruit juice concentrates, for the fruit juice connoisseur! This superior 100% fruit juice range offers three exquisite flavours in the 1 litre bottles that tantalise the most discerning taste buds, and impress the most critical crowds, at formal or informal occasions! Health fact: it contains NO ADDED SUGAR!

  • 40-50% Fruit Nectars

For any day or special days, this popular range of the finest nectar fruit juices is ideally sized as a treat for children or an intimate gathering of your favourite people, and for special occasions when you’re catering for crowds.

  • 20-50% Burst Nectar

Our beautiful Burst range offers four delicious flavours that will cause your taste buds to burst with pure ecstasy! With extra value for money in mind, this is the finest juice to share with larger groups of family and/or friends.

  • 6% and 12% Fruit Drinks:

Our tasty 6% and 12% drink range of five flavours is ideal for parties of all kinds and cocktails of all colours! Many special moments will be enjoyed with a glass of this fine fruit drink in hand, and memories will be made that will last a lifetime!

Available in various sizes ranging from 1 liter – 5 liter.

Bulk packaging also available.



New Launch – Imported Official Distribution Partner Size Variants: 500 ml

Hype On Original
Hype MFP (Original)
Hype Sugar
Hype Twisted
Hype Up



Premium dairy mix concentrates



Wide range of carbonated soft drinks and popular flavours


Clark & Sons

Range of classic mixers



Carbonated energy soft drinks for all Africans of passion